About us

We are dII

The dII International Impex GmbH is a privately owned Company providing Industrial Solutions. Since the early 90s, about 30 years, the founders are involved in different industries. As a result in 2008 the dII International Impex GmbH was found and since then the Company progressed in every aspect. With more and more experts joining our staff we were able to gain a significant market share to supply different industries around the world mainly in Europe and the Middle East. We develop projects in cooperation with our clients and provide them with on time, effective and efficient Service.

About Business

Why choose us

Our comprehensive range of services provides fast and effective supply, strategic and cost-efficient solutions to all our clients and also technical and management needs. We combine experience, knowledge and commitment to teamwork, to meet the needs of our clients. We provide operations engineering, construction and maintenance support to clients in our industry sectors enabling our Partners to maximize their efficiency technically and financially. The dII GmbH always puts the client first. We ensure to offer our best service to protect all Interests of our Clients.

About Our Clients

Whether our clients are involved in oil production, petrochemical processing, gas treatment, aluminum or automotive industry, we can help them to source their requested items at the best prices and with the shortest delivery times. We are committed to supply items at competitive prices and the shortest possible time to ensure your repeated business. Our global experience gives us the advantage in offering our expertise in all continents around the world, including Africa, Asia, North and South America. We have a number of local offices, with our main office being located in Germany.

Our fields of operations

dII International Impex GmbH is an industrial represent and distributes spare parts and raw material for several manufacturers, most of which are registered on the approved vendor lists of most of the major oil and gas companies throughout the world. We go beyond delivery. We support technically with local service teams to maximize your development. Our clients benefit from our partners that we have in different industries. Our network provides the whole package from the beginning of the project to the After-Sales-Service. There is a reason why the dII GmbH has served so many clients about all the Years.

How We Can Help You?


We have about 20 Years Experience in many Areas of Industrial Business.

In all the years of our work, we have built up contacts with the authorities and gained their trust. This is our advantage to very often save the Time of our Customers and their as well as our costs. Our Clients benefit from our Partners that we have in different Areas.

Preferred Products

  • Pumps
  • Valves
  • Rotary Parts
  • Process Equipment
  • Industrial Oil
  • Industrial CHemicals
  • Heavy Machinery Parts
  • Vehicle Parts
  • Electrical Parts
  • Drilling Equipment
  • Bearings
  • Aviations
  • Industry Applications
  • Adhesive
  • Resin
  • Lift Tracks


Our Headquarter in Germany is always manned by Employees who are happy to receive your Messages and will answer them as quickly as possible.