First Class Service is not just our Slogan!

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20 years service and Business

„A 20-Year journey is not too long, but we are proud that our dedication and Service have been recognized along the Way.“

Our Company Focus on building strong and lucrative Partnerships.

The dII GmbH ensure to offer our best Service to protect Interests of Clients, and and we always pay Aattention to the Rules of the Worldwide Embargo Guidelines. In all the years of our work, we have built up contacts with the authorities and gained their trust. This is our advantage to very often save the Time of our Customers.


We do so much more, but here are a few of our Services and Company’s missions.

dII GmbH develop Projects in Cooperation with our Clients and provide them with on Time, effective and efficient Service. We go beyond Delivery and we Support technically with local Service Teams to maximize your Development. Our Clients benefit from our Partners that we have in different Areas.

Strategic Investments

As independent Investors, we are always interested in exclusive Contracts with growing Companies in order to strive for Success together.

Import and Export

According to your ideas, we will accompany your Order from Production to your Warehouse, without detours and complications.

Commercial Representative

In addition to many other tasks of our company, we also take on the commercial representation for your exclusive product around the world.

Industrie, Chemistry and Oil

Our Company focuses on Machinery and Production facilities in the field of Chemistry, Industry and Oil refineries as well as Automotive Manufacturing.


The dII GmbH always puts the Client first, there is a reason why we have served
so many Clients for so long and we are still going.


Our Headquarter in Germany is always manned by Employees who are happy to receive your Messages and will answer them as quickly as possible.